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Us dogs get kind of bored when you're gone all day. We understand that you have to go to work and all that, but we get bored nonetheless. That's when we start chewing your favorite shoes or whatever might strike our fancy... We don't mean to be bad, we are just BORED!!!

You see, our doggy ancesters walked and moved around a lot to find "stuff" to eat and socialize with other animals. Although we thank our lucky stars for the comfort of the home you provide for us, a walk in the park with our own kind is the highlight of our day. It's what keeps us fit, healthy and in good spirit. The more exercise we get, the less shoes we eat... Trust us on this one!

          Did you say "walk"?
    Ooh, ooh, I'm dancing on my tippy toes... my human is calling Downtown Dogs... and I'm on my way to the park too!  I'm so excited!
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