This is how it works. Monday to Friday, without fail, rain or shine, my human Johanne drives around to pick up the dogs that are coming to the park that day. You can count on seeing her anywhere between 11:00am to 1:00pm. One by one we hop in the back of the station wagon and claim our favorite spot, which my human thinks is quite funny.
When we get to the park we are soooooooo excited!  We burst out of the car the moment the door opens! Now here is the best part. We get to run off leash and oh what fun that is! You can play with balls (if that's your thing), or with a stick (if you prefer). You can run around with other dogs and goof around. You can also go swimming or roll in the snow (depending on the seasons, you know) or even splash around in the mud if you're that kind of dog. Some days we spot squirrels or rabbits and chase them. That's fun too, except for those little critters are fast! Some of us are quite territorial and marking our territory is priority and must be done! The more mature dog just likes to walk beside my human and that's alright too. What I'm trying to say is that we have a GREAT time and we get to do this for a whole hour!!!
On our journey back we catch a bit of a snooze... as we are pretty pooped and content. Dogs are dropped off one by one, towelled off if needed and given fresh water. You can count on the whole excursion taking anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on the number of dogs and where you live.
Here's how it works
The Scoop
The Pooches
The Human

  Johanne Aubew613-231-3007w
Synchronized snow Angel making!
Finn comes for a snuggle

Marty has the ball...Drake is "pleading" for it and Meboyo is ready for action!
Follow me... I think it's this way!
This water hits the spot!!!
Meboyo and Marty looking for squirrels.
Cupar and Marty playing it cool... Moose running towards Meboyo. But...where are Meboyo's back legs???