The one who makes it happen
Dogs hold a special place in my heart. During most of my childhood, we had a family dog. As a loner who liked to write, play music or simply walk on the beach, I enjoyed the wonderful companionship of my dog, Chouquette.

Years ago, while working at a pet food store, it hit me..."why not turn my love for dogs into a business?"  So began Downtown Dogs in March of 2002 and every week, Monday to Friday, off I go with my pack of dogs, for a howling time in the park.

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The Scoop
The Pooches
The Human

   Johanne Aube w 613-231-3007 w
Johanne telling us a doggy story... but where's the popcorn?
One ball "monster" meets another! It may look like a kiss, but it's just about who's going to let go of the ball first.
Walkin' the trails!
    Walking in the sunshine!
We love playing in the snow!